| 24 July 2015

Bonaveri China to open new showroom in Shanghai

Bonaveri China is looking forward to the opening of a new showroom in Shanghai that will be the flagship studio for Bonaveri and Schäppi Mannequins.

Bonaveri China is looking forward to the opening of a new showroom in Shanghai that will be the flagship studio for Bonaveri and Schäppi Mannequins.

Written by Ian Thompson | 24 July 2015

The new showroom is due to open in later this year and is located in the leafy green French Concession area of the city. The area attracts many design and architecture businesses due to it’s attractive streets and urban setting. Once a colony of European settlers, the French Concession is now an international hub for Shanghai bringing in visitors from all over China and the globe.

The 140 square metre showroom on Fergusson Lane will feature Bonaveri and Schläppi collections manufactured in Shenzhen for the China and Asia Pacific regions. Featuring a large internal showroom space, the location also benefits from an external terrace looking over the rooftops of neighbouring buildings. Cafe’s and boutiques located on the ground floor add to the vibrancy of the area.

The opening of the showroom will be marked by a celebratory cocktail drinks evening. Details of the event and opening will be published here on the Bonaveri news stream.

Our distributors in Hong Kong and Shenzhen will be looking after the new showroom. More details and information about visiting should be directed to Boris or Eckhardt.

3F/35 Pottinger Street
Central Hong Kong

Phone: +852.2580.2053
Fax: +852.2518.8693
Email: [email protected]

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