Shanghai is a bustling creative centre, home to our China team, BonaveriShanghai


Bonaveri Shanghai has hosted a number of product launches and we have participated in many fashion presentations in this dynamic and creative city. Shanghai is always evolving and is providing to be a major centre for new emerging young fashion talent. Bonaveri encourages interaction with this growing fashion community and serves our European and USA based clients by providing mannequins and bust forms for presentations and major exhibitions.

Schläppi 2200 mannequins for “Dialogue: 130 Years of Lanvin”
kith versace shanghai bespoke mannequins 03
Bespoke mannequins for KITH x Versace in Shanghai
Finding Jane Morris: XU ZHI chooses Tribe Mannequins for his sleek Shanghai presentation
Tribe Mannequin Collection launch in China by Bonaveri in Shanghai
Bonaveri meets Shanghai
Bonaveri Shanghai
Bonaveri opens new showroom in Shanghai
Bonaveri to open a new mannequin showroom in Shanghai
Bonaveri China to open new showroom in Shanghai

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