Etro Generation Paisley Exhibition in Milan
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Judith Clark Studio

Judith Clark is a curator and exhibition-maker. She is Professor of Fashion and Museology at LCF and Course Leader for MA Fashion Curation.

Bonaveri has worked with Judith Clark Studio on the following events and exhibitions.

Etro Generation Paisley Exhibition in Milan

Etro: Generation Paisley – 50 years of style

Etro Generation Paisly has opened at MUDEC in Milan, celebrating the brands 50th anniversary with 50 garments on customised Bonaveri mannequins.

Schläppi 2200 mannequins for ‘The Vulgar – Fashion Redefined’

Bonaveri has supplied Schläppi collection 2200 mannequins for Judith Clark's latest exhibition at the Barbican, entitled 'The Vulgar - Fashion Redefined' in London, on until the 5 February 2017.

Bonaveri Mannequins for Louis Vuitton Museum at Asnières-sur-Seine

Louis Vuitton’s historic family home in Asnières-sur-Seine near Paris is the site of a new and extensive museum featuring 30 bespoke Schläppi Mannequins.

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