Fashion Inside and Out – Judith Clark’s exhibition of craft at Homo Faber in Venice

Judith Clark's exhibition of fashion craft in Venice

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Nowhere is the power of the human hand more visible than in its ability to transform natural materials.

Written by Ian Thompson | 14 September 2018

Fashion Inside and Out – Judith Clark’s exhibition at Homo Faber in Venice, is a celebration of craft and collaboration. Clark’s installation is part of a wider series of works and talks that delve into the narrative of human endeavour – how our society has benefitted from our creative abilities and how our refinement of craft enables humans to stay ahead of machine learning.

Set in an abandoned swimming pool, ‘Fashion Inside and Out’ brings together the work of a number of designers and artisans; Angelo Seminara, Naomi Filmer, Dai Rees, Natacha Ramsay-Levi, Rithika Merchant, Karl Lagerfeld, Stephen Jones, Schiaparelli and Capucci. Each of these contributors has worked with Judith Clark to illustrate the ‘transformative power of the hand on raw materials’.

Fashion Inside and Out – Collaborative Creativity

Judith Clark invited Bonaveri to participate in ‘Fashion Inside and Out’ by providing bespoke Schläppi 2200 and fully articulated mannequins for the exhibition. The Schläppi 2200 female mannequins have been covered in a special Calico fabric to compliment the garments, hats and accessories on display. A series of straw hats by Angelo Seminara illustrate Clark’s intention of showcasing how the display of fashion is as much of an art as the garments themselves. Bonaveri has also exhibited three fully articulated mannequins set up in swimming poses adorned with special ‘water splash’ headwear designed and made by Stephen Jones.

Fashion Inside and Out ©Marco Kesseler
Fashion Inside and Out, Chloé. Dress Look No. 11, Natacha Ramsay-Levi for Chloé, spring/summer 2018. Wig: Angelo Seminara, wicker wig with slicked back ponytail with a braid.
© Michelangelo Foundation

Homo Faber, organised by the Michelangelo Foundation, gathers together enormous talent from around Europe. The exhibition is a rare chance to witness the artisan skills still in existence and still employed in creative industries. Bonaveri’s participation in this important event reinforces their commitment to retaining the skills employed in the fashion and display industry.

Fashion Inside and Out is now on at Homo Faber in Venice. We would like to thank Judith Clark and her team for inviting Bonaveri to participate in this show. For a sneak peek of the exhibition, see our video published here.

14-30 September 2018

Photography courtesy of the Michelangelo Foundation

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