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TERRAZZABONAVERI opening night in Milan

The party was a great opportunity for attendees of Milan Fashion Week to take a break and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the open-air sunset venue. Bonaveri created a striking display of their new Tribe mannequins and Sartorial Bust Forms with a series of new seated Tribe Mannequins set amongst the rooftop gardens. BONAVERIMILANO is…

BONAVERIMILANO hosts Melania Fumiko, emerging bridal wear designer

All of Melania’s garments were displayed on Schläppi Aloof Mannequins, which are more and more often, chosen by bridal boutiques and designers for their displays.

TERRAZZABONAVERI to open during Milan Fashion Week

The new open air venue expands on the space originally created by BONAVERIMILANO in 2014 and complements the already successful opportunities provided by the Milan based showroom. The venue has come to be known as a place for students of fashion, fashion designers, international magazine publishers and artists to gather and explore new opportunities in…

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