Schläppi 2000 Collection for Zara Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Zara have recently decked out their flagship store windows with a new display of Schläppi 2000 mannequins.

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Written by Ian Thompson | 30 April 2015

The Schläppi 2000 mannequins are all structurally arranged in a display of chrome cages lifted off the floor and lit with bare fluorescent tubes. The installation palette is paired down to bright rich reds and oranges and the mannequins feature simple hair and makeup.

Zara is famous for their brilliant window displays and we think this installation is a good example of their great use of geometry and structure. Schläppi 2000 mannequins round off the whole effect by creating a statuesque ensemble that is both powerful and serene.

Images: Departamento de Imagen y Decoración ZARA

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