Schläppi mannequins for Harrods’ “Reunion” Windows

Schläppi female mannequins by Bonaveri for Harrods' "Reunion" Windows for their London Knightsbridge store.

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As we tentatively make our way out into the world again, Harrods celebrates our coming together with a sophisticated window display featuring a variety of Schläppi female mannequins.

Written by Ian Thompson | 22 June 2021

With lockdowns easing around the world, Harrods has provided us with a spectacular visual feast at their London store, with window displays ‘Dedicated to all Reunions’.

A variety of Schläppi Aloof and the 2000 female mannequin collections are framed against dramatically dark blue backgrounds surrounded by an abundance of spring flowers.

Windows along the famous Brompton Road store in Knightsbridge are filled with the flowers of spring reminding us all of the often forgotten joy of being outside. Around the world, as we start to pick up where we left off, people make plans to meet up outdoors, enjoy the benefits of fresh air and take in real experiences with friends and family. This marking of revived acquaintances is the essence of the creative concept behind the window displays.

Included in Harrods’ Brompton Road windows are poses from Bonaveri’s Schläppi Aloof and Schläppi 2000 female mannequin collections. Seated amongst the wild flowers are reclining, standing, seated and leaning mannequins. Harrods has mixed various Schläppi collections and a variety of poses to full effect, staging them to reflect the real experiences of all of our reunions.

Go out, enjoy renewed friendships, the warmth and sunshine and we wish you all a safe and speady return to ‘normal’ life.

Brompton Road
‘Dedicated to all Reunions’
Creative Concept @Harrods

Images by Harrods. This post first appeared on the Blue Studio Trading website.

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