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Male Mannequins

Bonaveri designs and manufactures male mannequins for their core Bonaveri, Schläppi, Sartorial and Tribe mannequin collections.

Each of the male mannequin collections has been designed and sculpted in their atelier in Italy and feature abstract, artistic and anatomical forms.

B By Bonaveri

Mannequins inspired by youth culture

Sartorial Collections

Contemporary and modular bust forms

Bonaveri Collections

Classic Mannequins And Bust Forms

Schläppi Collections

Stylistic mannequins and bust forms

Tribe Mannequins

Male and female mannequins inspired by an energetic youth culture
Sartorial Men | Male mannequins with fixed or articulated arms

Sartorial Men

Male bust forms and mannequins
Schläppi 3500 Mannequins

Schläppi 3500

The male Schläppi 3500 collection, manufactured by Bonaveri Mannequins is characterised by sharp edgy, athletic poses. There are various standing and seated poses available. This male collection compliments the female Schläppi 2500 / 2600 Collection.

Schläppi 7000 Noble

A contemporary male mannequin collection designed for luxury and casual fashion
bonaveri collections - FMC04 and Urban

Bonaveri FMC4 / Urban Man

Anatomical / Abstract Male & Female Fashion Mannequins
bonaveri mannequins fashion model collection

Fashion Model Collection

Male and female fashion mannequins
Schläppi 2000 Female Schläppi 3200 Male Mannequin Collection

Schläppi 2000 / 3200

Schläppi male and Female mannequins

Schläppi 2200 / 3000

An extensive male and female mannequin collection sought after by many of the worlds top fashion designers.

Schläppi 2800 / 3800

The male and female Schläppi 2800-3800 collections offer the same athletic poses as the 2500 / 3500 collections but with a softer silhouette to the form. The collection is characterised by its angular sculpting with exaggerated features that soften through the surface of clothing.

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