| 17 July 2017

LANIUS, the label for sustainable fashion chooses BNATURAL mannequins for Berlin Fashion Week

LANIUS GmbH (Cologne), the label for sustainable fashion shows the new SS18 collection on BONAVERI eco mannequins during Berlin Fashion Week.

LANIUS GmbH (Cologne), the label for sustainable fashion showed their new SS18 collection at Berlin Fashion Week using BNATURAL Schläppi 2200 mannequins.

Written by Ian Thompson | 17 July 2017

Lanius, the German based fashion brand, has a long held commitment to sustainable fashion. Started in 1999 by Claudia Lanius, the brand rigorously pursues a philosophy of ecological development and fair working conditions. Lanius is GOTS Certified which means that every year their entire manufacturing chain is assessed by the Global Organic Textile Standards organisation for processes, materials and labour conditions. For Lanius, delivering their product to a global market also involves using visual merchandise that aligns with their eco-policy. Bonaveri’s BNATURAL mannequins offer a unique ability for them to continue their pursuit of sustainable fashion.

Claudia Lanius, the designer behind the brand

BNATURAL is Bonaveri’s sustainable life-cycle process for manufacturing mannequins where the body of the product is crafted from BPLAST and then finished in BPAINT. The sustainable philosophy incorporates more than the product itself, covering end to end manufacturing processes as well as the materials used. BNATURAL was launched in London in 2016 at the Green Carpet Challenge in collaboration with Eco-Age and the British Academy of Film & Television Arts.

Working with Brigitte Oelmann, our German distributor,  Lanius chose three Schläppi 2200 mannequins for the exhibition held at Funkhaus.

Funkhaus is an exhibition and arts centre located south east of Berlin. Originally built in the 1950s, the facility was designed by Bauhaus architect Franz Ehrlich for the East German Government’s central radio station broadcasts. Today it is home to small businesses and a venue for art exhibitions forming the backdrop for Lanius’s Berlin Fashion Week exhibition.

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