| 11 February 2016

New giant Schläppi mannequin for BONAVERIMILANO

The third giant Schläppi mannequin is now in place at BONAVERIMILANO where she takes centre stage in the double height exhibition space.

In Japan they call him "Nana-Chan" while for us she is simply "the Schläppi Giant".

Written by Ian Thompson | 11 February 2016

Until recently there were only two giants; one in Nagoya Station in Tokyo and one in Bonaveri headquarters in Cento. Standing in front of a huge picture window, people arriving at Bonaveri, bump into this impressive figure welcoming them and introducing a world behind her shoulders.

Today there’s a third!

You can now witness the new giant Schläppi mannequin at BONAVERIMILANO, where the large exhibition space is the stage for this majestic figure.

At first glance, her powerful stage presence holds your breath for a moment. From the entry door, you see her in the centre of the space surrounded by a small army of mannequins, children in the same style. It is only when you walk down the stairs and get closer to her that you become aware of her greatness.

Standing at her feet, you slowly bend your head backwards and let your eyes run up to her face. That’s the moment you experience her strength and you are suddenly kidnapped!

When you leave, you take with you memories of an emotional experience, where a game of proportions and perspectives changes your view of space and objects. You are challenged by an ongoing altering of “points of views”.

When the lights go down, the Giant remains there, waiting for a new day to come. She is the guardian of our house, the custodian of an ancient history and a witness to the stories of life that animate our showroom every day. Who knows ….. maybe she ponders about the people that stood far below her gaze.

After all, we like to think that our mannequins have souls.

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