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Bonaveri Events

Bonaveri stages events around the world where we launch new products and collaborate with fashion brands.

Bonaveri Events

Meet our global team and get to see our latest collections

From Milan to Shanghai, London to New York, Bonaveri has staged unique events that showcase the skill and craft of the company.
Working with creative directors, partner distributors and luxury fashion brands, Bonaveri has been able to work directly with many talented and artistic individuals and organisations to bring together dynamic events.

Noble: New York

Milan: Man To Man

Noble Launch – London

Series Miniatures

The Journey – Part 6. ‘Aloof in Milano’

The Journey – Part 5. ‘Aloof in Hong Kong’

The Journey – Part 4. ‘Aloof in Zurich’

The Journey – Part 3. ‘Aloof in London’

The Journey – Part 2. ‘Aloof in Paris’

The Journey – Part 1. ‘Aloof in DĂŒsseldorf’

Bonaveri meets Shanghai

Nanasai hosts exhibition of Bonaveri mannequins in Tokyo, Japan

Bonaveri opens new showroom in Shanghai

Bonaveri to participate at Milan Design Week

Bonaveri to open a new mannequin showroom in Shanghai

Trends Meet Tradition

BONAVERIFRANCE launches Noble at renovated Paris Showroom

Bonaveri’s Noble launch in New York to support God’s Love We Deliver

Bonaveri to launch Noble, the new male SchlÀppi mannequin in New York

DĂŒsseldorf hosts Noble Launch for German Market

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